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Midwife Client Testimonials

So when you have a baby I think every mother would agree a piece of your heart and soul are transferred to that beloved new bundle of joy. That’s no surprise, not a big shocker. You constantly hear the one-liners of how you will never understand until it happens to you – the love, the joy, the overwhelming extension of every emotion. So naturally when I had my first little girl it was no surprise to go through all of these feelings everyone had overly explained to me.   The labor journey, the work, the pain, the breathless seconds of mind connecting back with body, and then recognition of your accomplishment followed by the most amazing feeling in the world… that warm, damp, tiny human being placed upon your chest. Yes, Euphoric! And to some degree expected. What I did not expect was the heart and soul connection being passed to the woman who was placing my child upon my chest. I knew before that I trusted her, confided in her, laughed and cried with her, and at the end held on to her words of encouragement, affirmation, and direction but I never expected to feel such a connection to my Midwife. Reflecting now though why wouldn’t I? Beka understood my every struggle through my pregnancies. Be it physical, mental or emotional this friend listened intently and never once failed at providing something for each concern or complaint. Personally, I am not a very “sensitive” kind of woman, but for those times I broke down I am so thankful I had her to reassure me that I was doing the best I could, and that every crazy emotion was valid. For one of the first times in my life, I felt I could truly let that hard & stubborn title go and place trust in another female.  Beka, you opened my eyes to truths about being a woman, what we deserve in our journey of childbirth and motherhood, and you made my dreams come true with the way I was allowed and encouraged to bring my girls into this world. “A sincere woman with the most gentle hands.” – as my husband would say. I will forever be sad that our journey together might be over, but you will always hold a place in my heart and have a connection to my soul. Would I recommend Beka to take you on this journey… A thousand times over!


" Beka Blythe was our midwife, and I can honestly say she made our experience so wonderful. Each month I looked forward to my appointments with her, because I knew she truly cared about me, and most importantly my baby.


I’ve never had such amazing medical care in my life. Beka truly provided me with everything that I needed to know about pregnancy, birthing, nursing, and nurturing a baby. Being pregnant was such a blessing, and at the same time really hard. From all day sickness in the beginning months, to hypertension in the last weeks. My heart was set on birthing my child at home, and then my heart was crushed when I found out I needed to transfer care to the hospital. Beka saw the beginning symptoms of pre-eclampsia, and was not going to risk anything bad happening at home. I thank the Lord for her knowledge. She was there for me even though I was no longer able to have a home birth. She was at my side at the hospital (the scariest place in the world for me) holding my hand, and letting me know I soon going to be holding my precious baby

I had my son Forrest ,January 21st, 2015. Beka continued to care for me and my son for six weeks. She was available day and night answering my 100 questions. (I was a handful I'm sure!)  Nursing went so smoothly due to her help. I could write 10 pages on how thankful I am for Beka. My husband and I are looking forward to our next pregnancy and birth with Beka.

I highly reccomend using Beka to all my family, and friends.  This woman believes in the natural process of birth, and empower women to birth a baby without fear.  "


Kamie Firestone.






Beka Blythe was my midwife for my last pregnancy. After three hospital births and two miscarriages, I knew I wanted a different experience. After meeting with Beka, my husband and I knew we wanted her to be a part of our pregnancy. She took such good care of me - physically and emotionally. After losing two babies, I had a lot of concerns, which Beka met with kindness and understanding that was backed with a vast knowledge of how to care for me and my unborn baby. She helped to make this pregnancy my healthiest yet! When it was time for my daughter to be born, Beka and my husband worked with me through the contractions, monitoring me and the baby. It was the birth I had always hoped for! My postpartum care was exceptional, as well! From placenta encapsulation to breastfeeding support, Beka was there. Her experience, gentle manner and calming presence makes her an excellent midwife - my whole family grew to love her!


Our experience with Beka was way above and beyond any of our expectations. Our appointments during pregnancy were always helpful and informative and I could always sense that she cared deeply about me and my baby and our wellbeing. During the birth she exuded a calming and caring attitude. During moments that were scary for us first-time parents, she never got anxious but was always reassuring and confident in the process. She knew when to calm me down and when to push me a little harder, but always in a nurturing way. She was always very patient and never tried to rush anything. We are so grateful for her and Joy being at our birth; they were wonderful! They were also great at reassuring my husband during the birth and letting him know that all was well.  Beka's care for us after our baby was born was truly amazing! She was so attentive and caring and in the weeks following the birth she helped us countless times with breastfeeding, baby care, and with my recovery from childbirth. I have never felt so cared for!! We knew that if there was anything we needed, we could count on her to help us and to answer all of our questions, no matter how silly. Beka is everything I could ever want in a midwife; soothing, gentle, confident, knowledgable and reliable. If we ever have another baby we will of course be asking Beka to be our midwife again!

Placenta Encapsulation Testimonials:

" When Beka dropped my pills off at my house, I immediately felt a sense of relief! Energy and recovery were on the way! I quickly noticed that I was happier and more enthusiastic, as well as more centered and focused. I truly believe that my placenta pills speed up my postnatal recovery and helped ease me in the transition that is motherhood. Thanks Beka!"


Well, here's what I've noticed with regards to my health after taking my placental pills.  At this time post-birth with my first child, I was losing my hair, having terrible night sweats (which persisted for a year after his birth) and on my way to dealing with some serious anxiety and depression. This time, the night sweats stopped after 4 weeks, I have not lost hair, I started running again yesterday and my psychological/emotional health is excellent. I can't say it's 100% due to the placenta, since I am also taking a much higher dose of fish oil and a much better form of prenatal vitamins.  But I DO BELIEVE the placenta pills were a very important part of my healing from this pregnancy/birth. Not to mention the incredible care Dean and I received before/during and immediately after his birth.

Childbirth Education Class Testimonials:

Being first time parents, my husband and I knew nothing about childbirth before taking this class. After 6 weeks of classes once a week we feel so much more confident now! We are even teaching our 'experienced parents' friends a few things we learned in class!


Beka and Annie are excellent teachers and they both have such a calming nature about them that makes you feel at ease. Even though I will be delivering at Mercy Hospital, I know that I could always call these two girls for any questions I might have.


I highly recommend this class to anyone, not just first time parents!