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Meet the Midwife

Beka Blythe is a midwife serving Durango and surrounding areas. She specializes in prenatal care, home birth services, lactation consulting, childbirth education and placenta encapsulation.

It is Beka’s desire and priority to honor healthy pregnancy with personal and low risk care.  She believes in the body’s ability to grow a healthy baby and birth normally. She supports the family’s right to true informed consent and freedom to choose how they are cared for during pregnancy and birth.

Beka obtained her first experiences supporting birthing families during her time working at Mercy Regional Medical Center as an OB Tech. During this time she attended many births in the hospital setting, and was beginning nursing school through Pueblo Community College. After nearly three years of experience working at the hospital, Beka left the birthing world temporarily.

During her pregnancy with her son Landon, Beka sought out the care of a homebirth midwife. Her experience with her care as she awaited her son, awoke her deep passion for expectant families and birth. She quickly pursued becoming a certified doula and attended some births in Durango in that capacity. Her education as a doula only fueled her desire to pursue a career in midwifery. Six months later, she began her studies with two local preceptors and completed her MEAC accredited degree through National College of Midwifery in Taos, New Mexico.

When her studies were completed, she sat and passed the National Association of Registered Midwives exam and obtained her CPM credential. During her time as a homebirth student/midwife, she has attended over 150 births in the four corners area.

She also enhanced her experience and training with a 5-week internship in the Philippines at Mercy In Action’s Birth Center. There she participated in 23 births, prenatal care and postpartum care with the midwives on staff. There she obtained training in cultural competency and disaster preparedness, both topics being applicable within the community where she studied. Her time at Mercy Midwives Birthing Home has greatly shaped who Beka strives to be as a care provider and birth attendant.

Beka, her husband and three kids love living in the Durango area and enjoy being outdoors, playing with the many animals on their farm, gardening and spending time with the loved ones that enrich their lives. Beka and her husband welcomed their youngest son, born this past August 2017. Beka is accepting new clients for all services.