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Q: Is Homebirth a safe option for me?

A: The Midwifery Model of Care is designed to support pregnancy, birth and postpartum for low-risk healthy women. This is the majority of women in the U.S. so likely it’s absolutely a safe option for you! If you have questions please call to set up a free interview!

Q: Is Homebirth affordable?

A: Yes! Homebirth services are typically 1/3-1/2 the cost of a completely natural hospital birth! Most private insurance groups will reimburse partial or full cost of midwifery services. If you are not yet pregnant, but planning to be soon, please consider the following medical sharing groups that cover homebirth services completely!

Q: Can my husband or other families attend me during labor and birth?

A: Absolutely! It has been proven that women have shorter more efficient labors when they are attended continually by someone they know, love and trust.

Q: Who will be on my birth team?

A: I attend all your prenatal visits, your birth and postpartum visits. It is my preference that two experiences midwives attend each birth as it adds to our client’s experience as well as provides two sets of experienced hands to address any issues that arise.

Q: Can I have a water birth?

A: Yes! I have birth tubs available for loan that are wonderful labor support tools and create a peaceful environment for birth.

Q: Is homebirth messy/does it create more work for my partner?

A: No, preparation for birth is minimal, and as your midwife I make it a top priority that immediately postpartum you get to snuggle with your partner and newborn. During this time we clean up laundry, trash and empty the birth tub so your postpartum can be as peaceful and restful as possible.

Q: Will I have access to diagnostic labs and ultrasounds during my pregnancy?

A: Yes! All of your labs will be collected during your prenatal visits by your midwife. Then a local laboratory runs the tests that we order. We also work with a free-standing ultrasound clinic to order sonograms as needed or desired throughout pregnancy.

Q: What if an emergency or complication arises during labor or birth?

A: In our community we are very blessed with the obstetricians that we work with. If a complication comes up during prenatal care, labor or postpartum we call them directly and refer care to them. We always accompany our clients to the hospital and step into a more “supportive”  or doula role to see them through their process.